Baby Bird Help

Have you found a baby bird
or mammal?

Many people encounter baby birds or other baby animals that they believe have been abandoned or orphaned. In fact, most of these animals have not been abandoned. Birds often spend time away from their young looking for food.

If you find a baby bird you think has been abandoned, remember the following:

  • Never try to feed a baby wild animal yourself. The wrong foods can make an animal sick. It is also very easy to injure or kill baby animals while trying to feed them.
  • It is illegal to keep most wild birds as pets. Any wild bird you encounter should be left alone or turned over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.
  • If you find a baby bird you think is abandoned, observe it for about an hour. If there is no sign of the parents, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator for advice.
  • You can find your local wildlife rehabilitator by contacting us, or your local humane society or animal control office.


How to Help a Baby Bird

This instructional video was produced by Pelican Harbor Seabird Station staff members to provide community members who encounter baby birds the tools to determine whether the baby bird needs to be rescued and how to prepare the bird for transport to our facility. Watch the 4-minute video for answers to all of your questions, and you could save the life of a baby bird.

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