Black-bellied Plover

The Black-bellied Plover breeds widely in the high Arctic of North America and Eurasia and overwinters over a broad latitudinal range—equally at home in temperate and tropical climates, it is one of the most wide-ranging shorebird species.


Right now spring migration is in effect. Northbound movement is April–May. Immatures average later than adults. Primarily coastal, but migrates over broad front both spring and fall. Flights may be long, over land or water, or shorter and along coastlines. Migrates in small flocks containing several individuals to ≥ 100, typically at night.

A Immature Black-bellied Plover was found on fisher Island dehydrated, lethargic, cold, and emaciated. He was kept in our incubator to warm up and was on fluid therapy to hydrate and medication to treat for possible head trauma. After a couple days of intensive care, it’s starting to improve and regain strength, more alert and

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