Happy New Year!

Happy new year pelican pals! We ended the 2016 year with a juvenile Laughing Gull that was brought to us from Haulover Marina by one of our long time supporters, Captain Stan. The gull was found weak, floating in the water. After examination the gull was found to be underweight and dehydrated. After a week or two of supportive care the gull should be strong enough to be moved to our outside enclosure for a while before eventually getting released.

Laughing gulls are one of the most common gulls we receive at our facility. In 2016 we took in 2,553 animals and 108 were laughing gulls with varying problems from fishing hook related injuries to birds hit by cars. Thank you Captain Stan for bringing the gull to us.


A big thank you! to all those who supported us in 2016 and we look forward to your support in 2017. 🙂