Public Pelican Release

The public pelican release & tour of the Seabird Station was a great success today & we made some great new friends. Among them were […]

Dr. McCoy Removes a Hook from an Anhinga

The staff & interns were treated to a nice surprise today when Dr. Jim McCoy DVM stopped in to impart some wisdom & perform surgery […]

Baby bird season is here!

Baby bird season is here and they are hungry!

Peli Release at Haulover Park!

Release of the pelican that was hanging from a tree by one wing for over 16 hours in Haulover Park.

Big Thanks To Everglades Safari!

A very special THANK YOU to our friends Everglades Safari Park for helping to get this very sick little White Pelican.

Talk about cute!

This baby killdeer was found behind a business on Miami Beach. A few hours later one of his siblings was found in the same place.
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