Adopt-a-Pelican to keep the flock fed and full!

Bird lovers rejoice – You can now adopt a pelican resident with Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. We will send adoptive parents a photograph of the permanent resident that has been adopted, along with a story about its time at our facility and an official certificate of adoption.Read More

Help PHSS to win one of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good!

We are one of 500 Finalists for Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program. Help us win a new car to make an even bigger difference in rescuing injured, sick and orphaned wildlife! Read More

New Aviaries for Future Patients and Residents!

Aviary for Pelican Harbor Seabird Station's twenty-five permanent residents. In April, these residents will be moved to their new residence, double the size of their current home.Read More

Spotlight: One Blue Heron, Ready to Take Wing

This Blue Heron was found by a beach-goer lying in the surf near the Rickenbacker Causeway and was retrieved by our Seabird Station's staff.Read More

Seabird Station Kicks Off Fundraiser With Groupon Grassroots

On Monday, April 16 Seabird Station is beginning a week-long fundraiser with Groupon Grassroots in order to rescue and treat injured pelicans around Biscayne Bay. Read More


Did you know we're not just about pelicans? Meet Snap, Crackle and Pop, three screech owls our Wildlife Manager rescued March 2nd from a palm tree that had fallen over.Read More

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