Pelican Foster

On June 12th we got a call from CROW (Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) about a orphaned baby pelican that was brought to them. The baby was found in the water in Sanibel, FL and picked up by fisherman. There were no adult pelicans in the area and no nesting ground. It was dehydrated and hungry. The staff at CROW gave it fluids and food and luckily it didn’t have any injuries. But CROW didn’t have any foster pelicans to help raise it so it was transferred to us on the 14th.
Pelican Harbor Seabird Station Has resident pelicans that have been deemed non-releasable due to various injuries. Whenever we receive orphaned pelicans, some of our residents take the responsibility of raising the babies. This time our education pelican Pepe has stepped up to the plate and has been doing a great job of taking care of the orphan we received.
The baby has grown a lot over the past few weeks and as soon as it’s old enough will be moved into our rehab enclosure to be with wild pelicans and then from there will be released.
We want to thank CROW for transporting the pelican to us. Team work is dream work!
If you want to follow the baby pelicans progress please go to the current patients link and type in case #20170775