Seabird Station Founder Migrates North

The oldest known wild brown pelican had a band return 43-years later, which is an impressive life span. Our oldest pelican (Harry Kelton) turned 91 this year and migrated north to live with family in North Carolina earlier this summer. Harry carried out what he and his late wife Darlene started with their legacy and life work at PHSS all the way up until the day before he left, when he attended an awards luncheon for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and received “Outstanding Board Leadership Award” and a check for $1,000 to support our work here at the Seabird Station. It was so wonderful to have Harry celebrated by the community on his last day in south Florida, while also being surrounded by PHSS Board Members and staff. Even though he’s out of state now, he’s very active on the Board of Directors, as well as the Building, Finance and Executive Committee’s. Harry and Darlene have created a tremendous legacy for pelicans, seabirds and the 30,0000 other native wildlife patients treated at our center since our first humble beginnings in an outdoor tool shed.

We miss him dearly, but he’s only a phone call away. We are deeply grateful to our Founder’s Harry and Darlene Kelton, as well as the Kelton family.