Volunteer Mixer and Rare Caspian Tern

We kicked off our new quarterly Volunteer Event Series with a shrimp boil and picnic at the “beach” area of the marina on November 5th.
The weather was beautiful, the food delicious and fun was had by all.  We love our volunteers.  They contribute so much to our mission and are so busy during their shifts we truly value having an opportunity to share social time with them. The evening was made even more special by the release of a Caspian tern, only the third one treated in our 37-year history compared with 380 royal terns, which are similar, but smaller. The Caspian tern is the largest tern in the world, has a large coral red beak and shocking black feathers on its head. These terns winter in South Florida, among other areas, and are always exciting to see.  This tern was accidently hooked in the wing by a fisherman at the Newport Pier on October 28th.  Fortunately, the fisherman gently reeled it in and took it to the Ocean Rescue Station next to the pier.  Sunny Isles Ocean Rescue does a fantastic job of partnering with us to rescue injured birds.  They scoop them up and hold them in a carrier at the Station until we can pick them up.   What a surprise it was when we identified the species a Caspian tern.   The lucky tern had not sustained any major injuries thanks to the gentleness and quick thinking by the fisherman and Ocean Rescue.  After a few days of supportive care, food and rest it was ready to go.  The Caspian tern release was the icing on the cake at our volunteer event.

If you love birds and have three hours once a week to spare, why not consider joining our volunteer team.  Just fill out the application here.