Dr. McCoy Removes a Hook from an Anhinga

The staff & interns were treated to a nice surprise today when Dr. Jim McCoy DVM stopped in to impart some wisdom & perform surgery […]Read Article

Baby bird season is here!

Baby bird season is here and they are hungry!Read Article

Peli Release at Haulover Park!

Release of the pelican that was hanging from a tree by one wing for over 16 hours in Haulover Park.Read Article

Big Thanks To Everglades Safari!

A very special THANK YOU to our friends Everglades Safari Park for helping to get this very sick little White Pelican.Read Article

Talk about cute!

This baby killdeer was found behind a business on Miami Beach. A few hours later one of his siblings was found in the same place. Read Article

Laughing Gull Got Free!

This poor little laughing gull got all tangled up in fishing line. Luckily someone picked him up and brought him in before he seriously injured […]Read Article
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