Douglas Giraldo

Rescue and Release Coordinator

Douglas Giraldo

Douglas Giraldo has been a full-time intern at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station since May 2016. During his time here he has showed great compassion and dedication to the animals that come through our doors as well as great ingenuity and problem solving skills. Showing promise, he was granted the title head intern and was later hired as an assistant animal rehabber. Currently he attends FIU and is majoring in Parks Management with a minor in Environmental Sciences. A previous volunteer at Zoo Miami, Douglas worked closely with animals there and spent most of his time working at the Amazon and Beyond exhibit with the Giant River Otters and Jaguars.

He fell into PHSS by chance when a fellow classmate and previous intern Rafi Katz introduced him to the Seabird Station. Since his arrival, he has self admittedly fallen for wildlife rehabilitation, and is taking the necessary steps to become State and Federally certified. After graduation, he hopes to continue in his pursuits of becoming a wildlife rehabilitator and strives to help wildlife, one animal at a time.

Doug with a juvenile brown pelican he rescued two days before Hurricane Irma hit.

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