Jan Pye

Operations Manager

Jan Pye

Jan Pye is a Florida native, born and raised in Hialeah and has always loved nature and the environment. After completing service in the US Army, she returned home and became employed by the City of Miami Beach. Over the next few years she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Florida International University graduating with high honors.

In 2006, after retiring from the City of Miami Beach as a Code Compliance Administrator she became a volunteer at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station (PHSS) and fell in love with pelicans. Before long she became a part-time staffer and then full-time, giving her the opportunity to work in most all aspects of the business: cleaning inside and out, feeding and monitoring the outside patients, the clinic, rescue and ambulance driver, volunteer coordination, maintenance, grant writing, payroll, educational programming and you name it.

Jan was recently elected to the Board of the Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and in addition to her other duties at PHSS is leading Operation Rescue, a training program she designed to teach those willing how to safely capture and contain sick and injured wildlife. She hopes to be able to increase the number of sick and injured wildlife we reach by involving graduates of this program in patient capture, especially state and municipal employees that work out in the fields.

Of the many duties she’s done over the years, Jan’s favorite (other than Operation Rescue) is feeding the outside patients and performing rescues. However, she’s always been willing to help with administrative tasks knowing that there is a lot of support required to effectively rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. As Jan often says “It’s all about the birds.” While her current title is Operations Manager, Jan will be returning to part-time status in January of 2017 allowing her to focus a little less on admin tasks and more on the animals.


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